中 友美

Naka Tomomi
Representative director and president

Graduated from Graduate School of Global Business, Meiji University
Part-time lecturer of Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Completed the doctoral course of Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies, Nihon University

We will contribute to solving the shortage of human resources in the fields of medicine and nursing care.

As I developed my career as a nurse at several workplaces with different characteristics, such as a medical institution and the health management division of a private enterprise, I started doubting that "human resources are appropriately allocated in the fields of medicine and nursing care." When working for a medical institution, I saw my superiors and colleagues quitting one after another while the shortage of personnel was worsening. In Europe and the U.S., nursing tasks are classified finely, and staff other than nurses transport patients, change bed sheets, serve meals, conduct cleansing care, check vital signs, etc. In Japan, the separation of nursing tasks is insufficient in many cases. In these circumstances, Japanese nurses are exhausted, and we can't deny the fact that this is one of the reasons why nurses quit at a high rate. From my nursing experiences and survey results, I resolved to improve the nursing environment drastically as an entrepreneur with expertise in nursing. Our company's services have been already adopted by major medical institutions, exerting excellent performance. We sincerely hope that our services will support more medical and nursing-care institutions.


松谷 容範

Matsutani Yohan
Representative director and chairperson

Graduated from Graduate School of Global Business, Meiji University. Former visiting researcher of Graduate School of Medicine, the University of Tokyo. Completed the doctoral course of Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, Tokyo Metropolitan University.

A new approach to solve problems in the medical care industry using technology.

In order to solve the 2025 problem and the shortage of human resources of medical services, it is essential to realize our mission "medical care that everyone can join." We aim to solve these problems with a hybrid solution with "Napre", the mobile application, dedicated to medical care that aims at automation of intellectual labor in nursing, together with the utilization of human resources. We envision to achieve the medical care, where the limited human resources are allocated to what only humans can handle such as human contacts or sharing of emotions, while humans collaborate with the digital labor that is made available with the full usage of technology.